Power Image Media, LLC provides responsive website design, application development, graphic design, and video production services.

The company focuses on three core principles to deliver the highest caliber results: an end-user focus, impactful media, and commitment to quality. By focusing on the end-user of a website or the viewer of a video, the company creates engaging products that audiences desire to watch or use, allowing the product’s content to be delivered more effectively. In addition, Power Image Media strives to construct high-impact media that not only attracts the consumer’s attention, but also leaves its mark on the world. Every project is completed with exceptional quality that adds visual appeal to the final product and extra creditability to its message.

Based near Starkville, Mississippi, Power Image Media provides services both locally and regionally as a privately owned and independent small business.

Everyone has a narrative to tell, and digital media is one of the best ways to deliver impactful and compelling content to an audience. See how Power Image Media can help you develop or share your content and, more importantly, your message.

Charles Boyd, President

Charles Boyd


Charles Boyd is a software engineer with a passion for building user-centric software and interfaces for mobile devices, web applications, and hardware controls. His experience in video production and graphic design brings a creative approach to projects.


Share your story using the power of digital media. Go

Power Image Media, LLC

Power Image Media shares your story using the power of digital media by providing web, mobile, and video media solutions and services.


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