what are you doing here?

Text by Patrick Dickson

Video by Charles Boyd | powerimagemedia.com

Music by Tony Anderson | tonyandersonmusic.com

What would you say if I told you the church has it wrong?
That all the true meanings are completely gone

What if I told you the church is just an elaborate factory?
Attempting to manufacture Christians yet it seems to end up with the hypocrisy

No longer are we searching for a greater purpose in life
Just skimming our bible and pleasing our wife

The church teaches us not to curse nor drink
Yet we have lost touch with the basics of how to think

As Dorothy Sayers says, the church has efficiently pared the claws of the Lion of Judah
Making Him no greater than the one they call Buddha

See the Lord is a fierce God who created all the dangerous creatures
But we only picture Him as a kind and gentle teacher

The Bible says we are supposed to bear his image; it's a simple as that
So quit wandering around its time to face the fact

See we weren't put here just to skim through our bible and look real nice
Jesus exemplified our purpose when He paid the ultimate price

Nowadays we are taught to be really nice guys
While The Lord is screaming open your eyes!

Our purpose is so much greater than living a holy life
We were called to be missionaries; to end all the strife

We can't work in cubicles and succumb to the business world
See God has a plan for you; it's being unfurled

No longer shall you strive to be excellent stewards of the church
That's just the basics; you've only just begun your search

In the heart of every man is a longing desire to return to his home
We have to break free and be able to roam

See man wasn't created in a big city; he was created in the desert
That's where we long to be, not trapped in some dress shirt

Now I'm not saying live in the woods and survive off some berries
But every now and then you gotta do something a little out of the ordinary

Get out of the rut of your everyday routine
Because God didn't create you to be some robotic machine

See a lukewarm faith is the most dangerous type
That's when it gets risky and you gotta put up a fight

God's working in your life; there's proof in that Holy Book
You just gotta freeze this fast paced world and listen and look

Sometimes we think being a missionary in a third world country is only for the elite
But we seem to forget there's work to be done five miles down the street

At your school you can be a friend, an example of God
Quit conforming to today's society even if they classify it as odd

We are supposed to be salmon swimming against the flow
Yet most of us here just put on a big show

Like hey look at me I'm a Christian, a follower of The King of Kings
But saying that is about as useful as a bird with no wings

We work so hard to create a fake title in hope of relief
But all we end up doing is hiding behind our ancient fig leaf

Now here's the good part you gotta listen to me
When you walk out those doors, who will you be?

Because we are called to be extraordinary; wild at heart!
Now that my friends is by far the most important part